Monday, May 19, 2014

My Tortoise Discovery

My name is Sara and I wanted to talk about my tortoises. I have 3 tortoises at my house. My first tortoise is named Shelly, my second one is named Looey, and my third one is named Juile.

Looey is a baby tortoise. When I got Looey she could not eat very well. We had to grind different greens together and feed her with a spoon just like a human baby. After a while Looey could eat big leaves, but we still have to help her. I took Looey to school with me. My teacher and my friends loved Looey. I took Looey to school lots of times. Once I was asked to bring Looey to school for Morning Routine. My mom crocheted coats for Shelly and Looey for when the weather is cold out.

I got Shelly in Eid. I got Shelly from Discovery Mall at the Pet Shop. I picked very carefully. And I picked Shelly. Shelly is a boy. I bought a leash for Shelly for when we go to the Park near our house. When we get there Shelly walks a lot! When I got back from school I found him flying  on the water bottles and the juice boxes! I have alot of fun with Shelly!

My dad's friend has a tortoise and it is Juile. And one day he gave it to my dad to give to me. My dad's friend had it for 15 years and he didn't want it! We keep Juile outside in our garden. We took Juile to the park, and he walked and walked until we had to go home. Once I took Juile to school and my teacher asked me to bring him agin. So, those are my stories about how I got my tortoises. Tortoises are my favorite animals.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Turtle Show

I have four turtles. Their names are: Alice, Lucy, Robert, and  Dougal. Robert tries to get out of the turtle house. We have a little house that the turtles don't like, because it is small . We put Robert in there at night, so he doesn't escape. In the morning, we put him back in the big house to play.

Today I will glue some rocks togther to make them a cave, in case they want to hide.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How To Make a Paper Lantern

This is what you need to make a paper lantern.

                                        Fold the paper, then you cut it while it is folded.

                  Tape it into a circle, then make the handle. Next, stick your handle onto the lantern.

After you have made the lantern you can decorate it. That's how you make a paper lantern!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Paint Brush Cookies!

I made some fun cookies with "paint", made with egg yolk mixed with food coloring. Here is the recipe I used. They were very colorful and tasty cookies!

First, I rolled out the dough, and then I cut the shapes with cookie cutters.

 Here they are, all cut out. 

 Sprinkles, egg yolk mixed with food coloring, and water for cleaning the paint brush.

Here are the cookies, painted and decorated!

Friday, December 9, 2011

My Pillow!

I got some felt from my mom, and I decided to make a pillow. I cut pieces of felt in different shapes, and then I organized them on my pillow.

With my mom's help, I sewed the pieces to the pillow on the sewing machine, and then I got to put stuffing in it. It was a really fun project! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Went to a Store and Bought Craft Supplies!

  • Today, I went to a place that sells nice things for making scarves.  I got money from my Baba, because my report card was very good.  I bought some beads, trim, pom poms, and yarn to make jewelry and a scarf.  I will show you when they are done!

They had some pretty colors of  trim!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Art On My Door

I thought that I could put stuff on my door to decorate it, so it wouldn't be all brown. I put things on my door that are colorful as a rainbow. 

I made this tree on another paper, then cut it out and glued  it on a new paper and drew a picture around it.

I made a pizza out of paper, then I cut into slices for the door.

I made the colorful drawings out of pretty rainbow colors.

I collected stickers, paper, and yarn pieces for extra decoration.